Press Release

DaChan Bay Terminals' Dedicated Shuttle Service Ensures Quick Delivery of Goods to Hong Kong, Supporting Hong Kong to Fight the COVID-19 Virus

22 February 2022

Since the beginning of the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong in February, the Government of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipality have expressed sympathy for people in Hong Kong. DaChan Bay Terminals, a subsidiary of Modern Terminals Limited, has immediately confirmed its participation in an initiative led by the Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality to ensure steady supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong by offering an alternative way through the waterway. 

The first shipment of the dedicated shuttle service from DaChan Bay Terminals departed at 6:30 pm on 21 February and arrived at Modern Terminals in Hong Kong in five hours, delivering a total of 13 forty-foot containers of 200 tonnes of fresh produces including vegetables, fruits, eggs...etc. There will be another shipment from DaChan Bay on 22 February. The shipments not only carried the daily necessities but also best wishes to people in Hong Kong.

To ensure a timely delivery of supplies to Hong Kong, DaChan Bay Terminals has placed priority on this shipment and arranged dedicated green channel and barge berth, priority handling, and launched a dedicated yard area for Customs inspection to ensure smooth 24-hour operation. DaChan Bay Terminals has also drawn up a guideline on prevention and control for COVID-19 to ensure the safe operations of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-boundary water transportation.

DaChan Bay Terminals will continue to enhance the capacity of this dedicated shuttle service to meet the needs and to offer quality service to ensure stable Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-boundary transportation, supporting Hong Kong to fight the COVID-19 virus.

Containers being loaded onto the dedicated shuttle service at DaChan Bay Terminals in Western Shenzhen

The goods arrive at Modern Terminals in Hong Kong in five hours