DaChan Bay Terminals has five deep-water berths can handle the world's mega vessels and ro-ro ships, delivering unsurpassed services and productivity standards to its customers.

DaChan Bay Terminals is the first container terminal in the world that deploys a full fleet of electrical rubber-tyred gantry cranes (electrical RTGs) that are environmental friendly. The Terminal is also equipped with dual-hoist tandem-lift quay cranes (QCs) to achieve world-class productivity levels, and to handle the largest vessels.

Electrical Rubber-tyred Gantry Cranes - Driven by electricity instead of diesel oil, the electrical RTGs are very environmental friendly. With their span of 23.5 metres, the Terminal's one-over-six-high and one-plus-six-wide electrical RTGs give its yard the highest stacking capacity in Shenzhen. Their anti-collision and anti-lifting systems also ensure operational safety.

Dual-hoist Tandem-lift Quay Cranes - The Terminal's dual-hoist tandem-lift QCs are much more productive than normal ones. Their two spreaders are able to simultaneously handle two 40-foot containers or four 20-foot containers with a total laden weight of 80 metric tons; and they have an outreach of 67 metres across 24 containers. In addition, they have a wide rail gauge of 35 metres, the widest and most unique design in South China. These features allow for more tractor traffic beneath them, faster tractor turnaround time, and greater operational efficiency.

Radiation Scanner RM2000 - An observation system of radioactive inspection for vehicle and cargo to judge if it has radioactive substance quickly and effectively which have characteristics of no radiation, unmanned observation and fast response time of 0.2 second.

CX130120T Ray Comprehensive Inspection Equipment - For spot check of small packing goods by Customs. Identifying all kinds of materials to provide clear X-ray image synchronously and automatic weighing to meet the accurate inspection requirements as well.

MB1215BS Combination Mobile Container & Vehicle Inspection System - Apply to inspection of FCL, like air cargo, container, small & medium-sized vehicle and cargo. It is the most advanced and high-tech system in China with characteristics of high passing rate and accurate inspection that can improve technical level and efficiency of inspection.

Life Detection Instrument - Making use of most advanced biochemistry, dielectrophoresis, ultralow frequercy and technology of DNA with characteristics of accurate positioning and all-weather rescuing. It can prevent terrorist and stowaway effectively.

LPG Forklift Truck - Apply to loading and stacking cargoes with characteristics of compact structure and short turning radius. It is easy for operation and environmentally friendly.