DaChan Bay Terminals is managed by Modern Terminals Limited, which has 50 years of solid experience in container terminal operations in Hong Kong, one of the world's busiest seaports. The mission of Modern Terminals is to be the preferred partner for world-class terminal and supply-chain services, building global connectivity for the sustainable development of local economies and the improvement of people's well-being.


DaChan Bay Terminals has five deep-water berths can handle the world's mega vessels and ro-ro ships, delivering unsurpassed services and productivity standards to its customers.

No. of Berths5 + 2 = 7
Total Area (hectares)112
Quay Length(metres)1,830 + 600 = 2,430
Alongside Depth (metres)Currently -16.3, up to -18 in the future
No. of Reefer Plugs1,086 + 880 = 1,966
No. of Quay Cranes12 + 14 = 26
No. of E-RTGs45 + 63 = 108
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Security is a top priority at DaChan Bay Terminals. By cooperating closely with local and international authorities and by deploying the most-advanced and stringent security equipment and systems, the Terminal ensures that its security levels exceed the requirements of the International Maritime Organization's International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code and other international security guidelines.