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DaChan Bay Terminals has deployed the Navis N4 system, a leading system in the industry, in November 2013. It is a smart, modernized and customised platform that can support a continuous upgrade of operation monitoring, automation control and system modules. Navis N4 is developed by the project team formed by DachanBay terminals (DCB) and Navis.


DaChan Bay Frontier Inspection Office

DaChan Bay Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection is performing border inspection and security checking to international liners and smaller barges shuttling between Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen as well as relative personnel in and out of Shenzhen Bao’an DaChan Bay Port. Moreover, it is practicing border security measures such as port patrolling, CCTV (closed-circuit television) monitoring and safe guarding over the restricted area as well as other duty functions authorised by laws, regulations and superior authorities.

24-Hour Duty Office: (86) 755 2930 6666

DaChan Bay Customs

DaChan Bay Customs, equipped with six departments including General Administration, HR Affairs, General Assurance Division, Ship Supervision, Customs Inspection, General Affairs Division and On-site Control Division, is located in the Clearance Building of DaChan Bay Port.

Working Hours: Normal working day, please make an appointment on Saturday and Sunday.

Telephone: (86) 755 8439 1439

Customs Code of Da Chan Bay- 5348 was officially effective since 1 June 2008.

Shenzhen Customs Service Hotline: 12360

DaChan Bay Maritime Safety Office

Established on 19 June 2013, DaChan Bay Marine Affairs Administration Office is performing supervision and management over maritime transportation and environmental protection of the marine area, maintaining a favorable maritime traffic and sea water condition, in contribution to the development of harbour and transportation economy.

There are seven departments including leaders of Shenzhen Maritime Safety office, office, IT, command centre, branch of maritime patrol, branch of vessel supervising, branch of law enforcement supervising and administration department.

24-Hour Duty Office: (86) 755 2903 0800