DaChan Bay Terminals has deployed the Navis N4 system, a leading system in the industry, in November 2013. It is a smart, modernised and customised platform that can support a continuous upgrade of operation monitoring, automation control and system modules. Navis N4 is developed by the project team formed by DachanBay terminals and Navis.

With Navis N4, we can manage the entire operational process intelligently and efficiently to cater for the latest trend of mega vessels. Before vessel berthing, the function of N4 Expert Decking will help arrange the best rated yard position for each container automatically. Then, it will prepare the berth allocation, ship plan, yard allocation, and resource plan via N4 graphical interfaces. After berthing, the Control Centre, using the function of N4 Prime Route, will centrally manage chassis, quay cranes and yard cranes which will then operate accordingly. With the N4 system and wireless transmission network, loading and unloading can be done efficiently. Meanwhile, the N4 Quay Commander function allows the Control Centre to have real-time monitor of the work shifts, productivity, and work lists of quay cranes and to make adjustments if necessary. Throughout the whole process, locations of containers and operational efficiency can be easily seen with its visual operation.

With the deployment of Navis N4, the operational procedures of the terminals have been simplified, the internal truck turn-around time has decreased, the vessel operations productivity has been improving consistently, as well as, the operational costs have reduced. In March 2017, DaChan Bay Terminals has been granted the 2017 Navis Inspire Awards by Navis and Port Technology International in recognition of its excellent performances in operational efficiency enhancement, equipment utilisation, energy consumption reduction, and operational cost optimisation.
Besides, as one of the important service links in the entire logistics supply chain, DaChan Bay Terminals takes advantage of the EDI, internet, internet of things (IOT) technologies and through EDI Platform, www.DCBLink.com, www.DCBEport, bargelink.dcbterminals.com, Wechat and E-payment Platform to link carriers, barge companies, agents, brokers, shippers, truck companies with customs, quarantine inspection, frontier inspection, maritime safety administration, transport commission of Shenzhen municipality in order to satisfy the needs of customers, third parties and the authorities. In addition, all these IT systems and platforms allow checking, sharing, subscription and data exchange, and support online declaration, approval, booking and payment. With all these systems and platforms, DaChanBay Terminals always provide its customers with efficient, quality and comprehensive services.